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If you've always lived in urban homes connected to public sewers in Wisconsin, moving to a rural home with a septic system may seem a bit foreign at first. While you will not have to fully alter your lifestyle, you may need to adjust the way you use water and make use of your plumbing in order to avoid problems like septic backups and blockages.

You may have been able to have eight guests shower back-to-back without worry in a home connected to a sewer line, but this is a bad idea in a home with a septic tank.

Septic tanks are usually structured according to the number of bedrooms and expected occupancy of a home. For example, a three-bedroom home is typically outfitted with a tank that will hold the excess and wastewater generated by four to five people. If you have extra people showering and using the water, the tank may fill up completely and start leaking into the yard.

Be mindful of your water use, especially when the soil is wet and your tank is likely to drain more slowly. If you have guests, make sure each person knows to limit their water use, and try to space showers out throughout the day.

In addition to following the guidelines above, make sure you're on the lookout for signs that your septic system is malfunctioning. If you ever notice slow drains, sewage backing up into your drains, or the smell of sewage in your yard, contact the skilled experts at Crown Hardware & Plumbing Supply Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, immediately.